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Lucas Estrangeiro
SE11 4QE
Recently I had worked as sub-editor for a fashion magazine called “Illustrashion”(of Achraf Amiri) and as video editor/director at Spring Studios for Marks & Spencer, which requires assisting when setting up the studio (including lighting and camera/computer). Although I am driven by the opportunity to work for aspiring artists to create engaging and impactful picture and lead my work to a superior level of quality.
I might not have photographic education but I consider myself creative and I write down all my creative ideas for future opportunities to work with professionals and to keep motivated and inspired. I studied film production and have a keen interest in cinematography so I know how to work with a camera and which shots are ideal when running a project. Although I am planning to take a fashion photography course really soon.
I am a film and video editor and enjoy challenging my skills to create work that pushes the boundaries of fashion film. I have a keen interest in fashion and photography, particularly enjoy exploring artworks of Nick Knight, Pierre and Gilles and David Chappelle. I really am interested in starting my photography career assisting in photography studios until being more experienced and start capturing my vision in picture with that experience. Also because Shoredictch Studios have a great reputation. Could be a nice way to start with a foot in this creative industry. The only way for you to see my creative mind is looking at my showreel - .

Thank you for your precious time.
3 - Learning