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Agne Bekeraityte
I have been a freelance assistant for more than two years. My experience includes assisting advertising and life style photographers, fashion photographers, documentary photographers. I also have a wide range of experience in my own practise which higlights my confidence during assisting.
BA Photography (First Class)
. I’m an energetic person with a huge passion for what I do. Being a highly motivated photography graduate I have a range of relevant work experience. ………

I am particularly interested in fashion photography, set builds and studio lighting; working in a studio space is a favorite part of my work. Currently I am a freelance photographer and photography assistant. My practice involves a wide range of collaborations and teamwork, which highlight my communicative and ambitious personality. I am actively designing and building set builds, setting up lights, gathering a team and producing high quality imagery for my clients. Please find examples of my work at

Interest in the visual media and self-motivation drives me to develop my skills and always strive for the very best. My ambitions and passion for photography motivate me to put in all my effort and aim for the best professional results. I am an ambitious , self-driven photographer and would love to be part of a creative team.
5 - Intermediate