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Michela Donnarumma
07482 139578
I have the degree in Photography, Cinema and Television and as a photography student and an experienced photographers assistant I would bring energy artistic skill and a growing knowledge base to your photography team. Studying for my bachelor’s degree in professional photography I also worked like studio assistant for a number of studio and event photographers. I am familiar with the different equipment used in photography because my responsibilities have included assembling/dissembling lighting equipment, huffing equipment to and from various locations, gathering and keeping track of talent for portraiture, reflecting/diffusing light on subject matter, answering phones and fetching coffee. I can keep track of the inventory and make sure pictures, albums and other materials needed to keep the studio running smoothly are in stock and I have the ability to help keep the studio clean, organized and ready for the clients. As well, I am familiar with editing work flows and during my years of study I had the possibility to extensively learn software such as Adobe Photoshop Cs4, Cs5, Cs6, CC, Lightroom, Illustrator, In Design and Premiere Pro. I am eager to bring my skills to your enterprise, am a reliable person and am looking for nothing more than to learn and gain experience in all aspects of the photo industry.
Sorrento, High School of arts
Degree in Graphic Designer in the year 2008/2009 with 98/100 votes.
Naples, Academy of Fine Arts
Degree in Photography, Film Production and Television in the year 2015 with 107/110 votes.
Naples, School of Film Production and Television “Pigrecoemme”
Master In film Production and Television in the year 2015
2 - Beginner