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Toyin Said
E3 2JA
I have had the pleasure of working BTS as a photographer and assistant helping setting up and holding lights/ reflectors. Making sure we sticking to the run sheet and not falling too far behind schedule. (BOSSSMEDIA)

I have also assisted Olivia West who does a lot of work with The Sun. Generally setting up lights, in charge of keeping everyone on set happy with my amazing teas and coffees. (POLSKEY)

I have assisted on an Adidas shoot as a second shooter where I had to produce video and photos for their Tangosquad. My job was to organise the players and get s much shots of the shoes and coaches. (ADIDAS)
Self Taught
An up and coming photographer still in the early stages looking for new ways and opportunities to learn something new each day. Very respectful to the art and always enjoy being around creatives. Right now I am ready to dig deep and put in the sweat and effort that comes to learning and developing my understanding.
4 - Some Experience