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Kat Terek
Kat Terek
Scheduling and organizing photo shoots, photography, casting, styling and styling assistance. I have a good network of professionals, I am able to work both as a part of a team but also bring the team to the project. I have a fluent knowledge of proofing, editing and retouching for both commercial and private uses. In my editing process I use tools like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I am comfortable with shooting both in the studio and on the location. I have experience with building sets and light control on the location. I have worked with Elinchrom, Bowens and Profoto lighting but I am keen to learn more. Aside from photography I come from web development background and have experience with
Creating and managing Wordpress based website I am fluent with managing and promoting social media, content production, and growth hacking. I would love to gain more experience at growth hacking. My experience comes from assisting on fashion shoots and weddings as well as indedpendent projects.
I am a self taught photographer, active from 2014 and keen to learn more and help masters 🙂
My interest in beauty of photography started at university film project where I directed and shot two short films in 2012/2013. Fascinated with impact of photography on cinematography I bought her DSLR with the money saved from my first job as a waitress. Soon after that I invested in an adapter ring to be able to mount an old m42 mount Helios lens from my old Zenit. That’s when the magic began. Shyly I started capturing the radiant streets around me, discovering that the frames captured in my camera suddenly get closer and closer to the imagery in my head. From that day photography took over my life. For the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health, until death will tear us part.

Ever since, I have been growing as a photographer with early work on street and travel photography which I experimented with, eventually moving to sensual candid documentary portraiture. Things really got to the next level when I moved to London for a graduate job in 2014 and started collaborating on photoshoots with bloggers and artists. In early 2015 I launched Kat Terek – Photography and Other Miracles, a platform to showcase my portfolio and share my inpiration, current work and describe my path from a photography geek to a professional in creative industry and I started taking on freelance projects. Ever since, I have been combining my love for bohemian aesthetisc, fashion and portraiture in my photographic career. Since 2015 I worked with Lindestaub, Stradivarius, SEIKO, Framboise Fashion, Riennahera, LXA Collection, Clubbable, The Social Hunter, Holly Jade O’Leary, Tom Hayton, The Last Bugles and others. My work has been featured in Lucy’s Magazine, Kodd Magazine, Elegant Mag, Dreamingless Magazine, Sheeba Magazine, Whim Online Magazine, Majestigal Mag, Bloomsbury Magazine and many others. In my fashion photography I am telling short narratives exploring themes of magic, folklore &rockn’roll.

I still have a long way to go and learn. I am looking to work for like-minded photographer and learn from them through assisting them to create that perfect image.
7 - Reasonably Experienced