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Antonia Attwood
I have worked as a still life photography for craft duo R and B designs for the past year, we have shown work in magazines and online. I have also assissted and collaborated with artists Adam and Oliver Chanarin and Ania Wawrzkowicz. For the past three years I have been interning for Dixcot locations, in which my main tasks are photographing locations and web development. Along with communication with clients and organising shoots for Photography, TV and Film.
I am about to finish my BA hons Photography at London College of Communication in July 2014
My main interest in the photographic world lies in fine art photography. I am looking to broaden my knowledge and technical skill in still and moving image. My personal work is often in moving image and explores ideas around mental health. I am currently finishing my degree but am looking to stay in London afterwards to gain work experience.
4 - Some Experience